The transformative rebuild of Abram Street through Downtown Arlington kicked off March 19, 2018. The two-year, voter-approved project focuses on pedestrian and traffic improvements between Cooper Street and Collins Street.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Center and Mesquite Streets be closed during the project?

There might be temporary lane closures due to construction but not full closure of Center St. or Mesquite St.

What will happen to the existing sidewalks and green spaces?

Everything will be replaced.

Will the new pavement in front of 101 Center Street be torn up when it’s just been installed?

The new section will stay in place.

Do you know when you will get to each section?

Utility work will start first.  Road construction will begin with the section from Center to Pecan. Next will be Pecan to Cooper.

Do you anticipate an increase in visitors to the area once the project is complete?

We don’t have estimates; however, we are creating a destination with the new library, apartments, and the Levitt Pavilion.

It seems like Abram Street east of Collins Street is a shorter length of roadway and took more than 2 years to complete.  You are estimating the section from Collins to Cooper to only take 2 years, how is that possible?

The contract for the new section (Collins to Cooper) includes extended work hours for the contractor with incentives to finish early and penalties for missed deadlines.  Also, the section east of Collins included a bridge with posed additional construction challenges.

Are the retractable bollards a new concept?

Yes, they are used in other venues around the country.

What utilities will be replaced with the project?

New sewer, water and storm water infrastructure will be installed.  Electricity, telephone, and cable (if currently overhead) will remain overhead and is not part of the project, as these lines do not belong to the City.