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Notice of Opportunity for Public Hearing Regarding a Floodplain Encroachment

Arlington Municipal Airport (GKY) proposes to replace the existing property fence with secure wildlife and chain link fence, approximately 4,500 feet of which is within a floodplain along the southwestern boundary of the airport. The purpose of the improvements is to prevent wildlife incursions into the air operations area. The proposed improvements have been designed to minimize adverse impacts to the floodplain, and will not result in a considerable probability of loss of life; will not result in future damage associated with the encroachment that could be substantial in cost or extent, including interruption of service on or loss of a vital transportation facility; and will not result in a notable adverse impact on natural and beneficial floodplain values. The airport is providing the public an opportunity to request a public hearing regarding the floodplain encroachment. Any individual who wishes to examine engineering drawings for the proposed improvement, has questions, or would like to request a public hearing should contact Amy Foster at the Texas Department of Transportation Aviation Division, via mail, email or telephone, at 125 E. 11th St., Austin, Texas 78701-2483; Amy.Foster@TxDOT.gov; 512-416-4522.

Air Safety & Surface Error Prevention Program

The FAA has published an “Air Safety & Surface Error Prevention Program” for the Arlington Municipal Airport. Download the publication.

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