Arlington: Alive with the American Dream

America’s team. America’s pastime. American made automobiles. Arlington is the American Dream City. We are home to the Dallas Cowboys, the Texas Rangers, General Motors, Six Flags Over Texas and a host of global, domestic and family-owned businesses. And the American pride in our culturally-diverse citizens is undeniable.

Our competitive can-do spirit makes dreams a reality. When tasked with making Arlington the General Motors Assembly Plant home, the city built a lake to properly expand its water source. In the 70s, the city fought hard to make Arlington home of the Texas Rangers (then known as the Washington Senators). Twice voters stepped up when asked for major bond packages to keep and lure its sports franchises in Arlington and in the process built world-class, iconic venues.

Arlington: Alive with the American Dream

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Beyond what is highly visible in Arlington is the backbone of the city: Top notch education where students can go from pre-K to Ph. D. (from an excelling school system to Tarrant County College and UT Arlington); it possesses valued work opportunities and economic vitality; it maintains an award winning parks system; and, it offers quality, diverse neighborhoods where the housing dollar stretches further than most cities. Arlington is… Alive with the American Dream.


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How I Achieved the American Dream

  • Debra Kaye Hills

    My family has been in Arlington for decades. My mother's family started their life in Arlington in the 50's. My father's family since the 40s. They actually had their home built in the original Arlington neighborhood/Pecan orchard off of Park Row and Browning. We still own that home. My dad not only grew up there, but they raised me there and I began my family there as ...

    May. 17, 2015
  • Clint Martin

    Achieving the American Dream in Arlington, TX all started when I fell in love with a lady who grew up and lived in Arlington, TX. I moved here for us to marry and start raising a family. As a soldier in the Army National Guard, it's been very difficult to find civilian employment willing to higher me above entry level, which isn't enough to care for a wife and child. My ...

    Apr. 19, 2015
  • Monica Ingram

    My grandparents were Migrant Farm Workers, they began working when they were just children and never really had a home as they traveled throughout the Southwest following work around. My parents developed a strong work ethic and worked hard so that we were able to travel, experience culture, participate in extra curricular activities and most importantly participate in ...

    Apr. 09, 2015
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