American Dream Wall

  • Debra Kaye Hills

    My family has been in Arlington for decades. My mother’s family started their life in Arlington in the 50’s. My father’s family since the 40s. They actually had their home built in the original Arlington neighborhood/Pecan orchard off of Park Row and Browning. We still own that home. My dad not only grew up there, but they raised me there and I began my family there as …

    May. 17, 2015

  • Clint Martin

    Achieving the American Dream in Arlington, TX all started when I fell in love with a lady who grew up and lived in Arlington, TX. I moved here for us to marry and start raising a family. As a soldier in the Army National Guard, it’s been very difficult to find civilian employment willing to higher me above entry level, which isn’t enough to care for a wife and child. My …

    Apr. 19, 2015

  • Monica Ingram

    My grandparents were Migrant Farm Workers, they began working when they were just children and never really had a home as they traveled throughout the Southwest following work around. My parents developed a strong work ethic and worked hard so that we were able to travel, experience culture, participate in extra curricular activities and most importantly participate in …

    Apr. 09, 2015

  • Maureen Crispell

    My husband and I met and got married in Texas 30 years ago. As life changes things, we lived and raised our children in Michigan for 23 years. We always dreamed of moving back to a warmer climate. When one day a letter came in the mail, my husband has the opportunity to transfer to Arlington Texas! I joined my husband in our new home in Arlington on our 30th wedding …

    Apr. 08, 2015

  • Jacob Kehl

    I am living the American Dream because I left home (Chicago suburbs) in 2009 to go to college at TCU. It was the first time I had ever been to the south and more importantly, I have ever been to Texas. During my time at TCU I grew to love the Rangers and the Cowboys as the hometown teams. My long time girlfriend, Tori, and I would often go to Six Flags on long weekends. …

    Mar. 14, 2015

  • Anna F. Pettit

    Having grown up in Arlington, being a four generation Arlington family, my American dream story begins and continues here in this great city. So many of my friends from Mrs. Houston’s kindergarten class are still living here and we get together quite frequently. What a treasure to spend time with the folks I grew up with. I remember professionally swimming under the …

    Feb. 06, 2015

  • Laura Johnson Harding

    I’m living my American Dream by being a “Nanny” to my grandson and another grandson will be arriving in July. I was a working mom while my two children were growing up and now that I’m retired I am blessed to be able to care for my grandsons.

    Feb. 05, 2015

  • Ana Enriquez

    I am living the #AmericanDream by being able to attend an amazing university all while being close to home; my job, school, and family are within minutes of each other. I am the third in my family to attend UT Arlington and absolutely love it. The city is full of resources like the MAX (which I am a daily user of) for young people like myself to grow and keep living the …

    Feb. 04, 2015

  • Dana Ladd

    Arlington and the good people that I have met along the way have given me a golden opportunity. Twenty years ago I came here to seek shelter due to being homeless and now I own my business and the property it sits on. Yes, Arlington is a dream city for me.

    Feb. 04, 2015

  • Raymond De La Cerda

    I was born and raised in California I always dreamed of owning a home and raising a family. In California I was surrounded by violence drugs gangs I never really accomplished anything. In 2006 I decided to move to Texas and as soon as I got to Texas I was hired As a custodian by a school district and 2 years after that I was promoted to a supervisor’s position and my wife …

    Feb. 03, 2015

  • Trang Thai

    I came to Arlington in Fall 2005 after I finished a Master degree in UK to join my newly-wedded husband who was a scholar at UTA. From a windy chilling Northern Yorkshire town to a dry and hot Southern state, the city of Arlington did not welcome me in the best way but I was so thrilled to start my family life here. My original plan was to pursue higher education, …

    Feb. 02, 2015

  • Lizette Alberto

    I arrived in Texas in 1991 from the Philippines and my family joined me in 1993. We bought our first home here in Arlington in 1996 and we’ve been very fortunate to have very good and kind neighbors. My husband was offered a job as an engineering technician at National Semiconductor by our next door neighbor Mike Green who was a manager there. I also met another …

    Feb. 02, 2014

  • Alma Guadalupe Luna

    My parents are immigrants from Mexico who lived in Oakcliff Dallas for many years. My mom worked as a custodian and cleaning lady and my dad in various factory, restaurant, and handyman jobs until they saved enough to achieve their goal of buying a house. They found that house here in Arlington, Texas and so when I was 3 years old we moved here to the place I will always …

    Jan. 24, 2015

  • Charlotte Hicks Todd

    When I came back to Arlington, TX after marrying my high school sweetheart after being separated from him for 27 years. (In our senior of high school, we went our separate ways). I found a letter he had written me after college graduation in 2003. I contacted him through his parents, and we talked every day after that. My fiancé moved from the Bay area back to Texas in …

    Jan. 02, 2015

  • Rev. Sheila Fiorella

    I’ve lived in Arlington over half my life now. I came here as a brand new bride and teacher in December of 1986. I have a Master’s of Education in Teaching Math from UTA, and taught at Carter Jr. High, Boles Jr, High, and Martin High Schools. My new husband Russ had already been living here since July of 1982, working at Bob Powell Display Art on Pioneer Parkway. He now …

    Dec. 27, 2014

  • Renee MacQuaid

    I’m a native Texan that was born and raised in a small town, so after college, I was ready to find a place to live that offered excitement and plenty of opportunities. I chose Arlington because of its perfect location in the center of a thriving Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. I am proud to say that I have achieved my American Dream here in Arlington where I have a great …

    Dec. 26, 2014

  • Mikey Hernandez

    I have lived here my whole life. I’ve seen my ups and downs here. Now I’ve been blessed with a second chance when I noticed the MAX Express Bus Route 221. With no car, the bus line opens up a new life to get around and be who you want to be. I’m living the American dream right here. Thank you for opening up public transportation for people that are not giving up.

    Dec. 22, 2014

  • Dennis DeNeale

    I have lived in Arlington since my family moved here in 1974. I have worked in Dallas & Ft Worth, so Arlington is right in the middle of them. So why would I move anywhere else. I love it here in Arlington. I can go watch the Cowboys & the Rangers play & go to Six Flags.

    Dec. 19, 2014

  • Joel Valles

    Came to Arlington via California, achieved my dream of owning a home.

    Dec. 19, 2014

  • Steve Hardin

    I came to Arlington right out of High School in 1963 to work at GM, and go to college at Arlington State College (in 1965 became UTA). I met my wife, had 4 children, graduated from UTA with an Engineering degree, joined the Texas National Guard, graduated all my children from college, retired from Vought Aircraft, been a member pf Tate Springs Baptist Church for 34 years, …

    Dec. 06, 2014

  • Ryan Hunt

    I came to The American Dream City and Texas after 26 years in Virginia. I wanted to make an impact and connect with a diverse, generous community and immediately I found that to be the case. My dream has always been to live in a place that allows me to advance my career, while also providing opportunities to impact the lives of others. The City of Arlington is not only …

    Dec. 16, 2014

  • Marlo Clingman

    I came to Arlington, TX to pursue my dream of establishing a career in film. I am new to the area but I’m already in love with this community. It’s where I hope to achieve my goals and make my dreams a reality.

    Nov. 25, 2014

  • Sunny Graham

    A Dream Come True in America’s Dream City: My husband and I opened The Thornton Inn Bed and Breakfast in May 2014. A historical building with a welcoming front porch as its signature feature, we host guests from around the world. Thanks Arlington for building a Dream City!

    Nov. 19, 2014

  • Lyndsay Mitchell

    Arlington has been where it has all happened for me! By chance, after college I got my first position in my chosen career field in Arlington. From there, I earned a Master’s degree, advanced my career, met and married my husband, bought a home, started a family, and gotten involved in the community all right here in Arlington. I’m proud to call Arlington my home!

    Nov. 17, 2014

  • Carolyn Mendoza

    Growing up poor I always thought I wanted to be some big shot making tons of money. I moved to Arlington for 4 years during 7th-10th grades and thought: wow, this can really happen. Then we moved away. Back to where we came from and away from my dreams. I met my husband when I was 16. We quickly fell in love and started our life together. When we had our first child my …

    Nov. 17, 2014

  • Paula Ulett

    I am a mother with school age children. My dream now lays on them achieving their dreams in Arlington, TX. Being a single mom, I pray to stay focused and well motivated and active within their lives.

    Nov. 15, 2014

  • N Coronado

    My American Dream has always been to own a home, live in a great neighborhood where I can raise a family, and be part of a community dedicated to making a difference. In Arlington, all of that has been possible.

    Nov. 04, 2014

  • J Warren

    Arlington is the perfect mix for me. A great city where I have been able to expand my career, further my training, create a strong network of colleagues and friends, and own a home. That’s my American Dream, and it’s all happened right here in Arlington!

    Oct. 29, 2014

  • KS Curtis

    I’ve been a resident of many cities within the DFW area – from Denton to Burleson, from Coppell to Weatherford and Arlington is where everything I wanted and needed happened. Convenience – in the middle of everywhere I need to be – affordability, great neighborhoods, spectacular parks and some of the best mom & pop restaurants I’ve ever experienced. This is a slice of …

    Jul. 14, 2014