Charlotte Hicks Todd

When I came back to Arlington, TX after marrying my high school sweetheart after being separated from him for 27 years. (In our senior of high school, we went our separate ways). I found a letter he had written me after college graduation in 2003. I contacted him through his parents, and we talked every day after that. My fiancé moved from the Bay area back to Texas in 2004. We were married in November of 2005 and moved to South Arlington. This past Thanksgiving, my husband and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. We celebrate our love everyday in this beautiful city we call our home — Arlington, Texas. We are truly THANKFUL for renewing our relationship in this DREAM CITY!

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  1. Yes, I have known The Todd family for 10 yrs as a sister and a brother….We live in the same HOOD……and we want to shout out to our wonderful Arlington PD for keeping our HOOD a safe place to live

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