Clint Martin

Achieving the American Dream in Arlington, TX all started when I fell in love with a lady who grew up and lived in Arlington, TX. I moved here for us to marry and start raising a family. As a soldier in the Army National Guard, it’s been very difficult to find civilian employment willing to higher me above entry level, which isn’t enough to care for a wife and child. My military experience in Food Service wasn’t helping me very much in the civilian food service industry. Though my experience and service may have gotten me in for an interview, the only question they all asked me was “When are you getting out of the National Guard?” Finding a restaurant in Arlington, TX that will allow a Supervisor or Manager to be gone one weekend a month and two weeks out of the year is next to impossible. However, I didn’t give up. After sending in over 1,000 applications and going through a handful of interviews, one business has decided to hire me as a restaurant manager while allowing me to serve our country one weekend a month, two weeks out of the year, and when our citizens need us the most in times of crisis. I’m finally able to make a wage in the Civilian Restaurant Business that can support my family. Reservists should be allowed to live the American Dream just as much as anyone else who has no commitment to the US Military.

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