Debra Kaye Hills

My family has been in Arlington for decades. My mother’s family started their life in Arlington in the 50’s. My father’s family since the 40s. They actually had their home built in the original Arlington neighborhood/Pecan orchard off of Park Row and Browning. We still own that home. My dad not only grew up there, but they raised me there and I began my family there as well. All of my parents, aunts and uncles, great uncle and grandparents all worked at Martin Sprocket and Gear (an Arlington staple for years). My first job was Six Flags and I stayed from the age of 15 until I was 21 and becoming a mom. My parents and I all attended Hutcheson, my Dad and I attended Sam and my mother was the original first graduating class for Bowie High School. My grandmother was a city and charity volunteer including working on projects with Mayor Vandergriff multiple times. We were all in Camp Fire for generations in Arlington and very involved with the AISD as well. I am now married to the man of my dreams and we are raising our family in Arlington as well and still attending the 4th of July parade (EVERY year…for my girls since birth) and giving all that we can to community. Our church (Crossroads) has even had the privilege to go and serve the City of Arlington (libraries, schools and parks departments) which has truly meant so much to me personally because Arlington is my home, my roots, my present and my future. I am so proud to raise three Arlington girls of my very own. The American Dream for six generations in Arlington, TX.

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