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There are a many types of bees found in Arlington with the honey bee the most common. The bee is a flying insect that is very beneficial to the environment by pollinating and producing honey. Bees can sometimes become an issue for a property owner if they make a hive inside a wall or other impractical area. The City of Arlington does not provide bee removal services for private properties.

In the spring, primarily in April and May, bees will swarm. This is when the hive divides and a third to two thirds of the hive moves to a new location. During the transition, the new hive will congregate and make a mass of bees. Once a scout bee finds a new location the swarm will move into their new home. This swarm will usually only last one to three days.

For Beekeeper information, contact Texas Beekeepers Association at  http://texasbeekeepers.org/.

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