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There are many varieties of snakes in Arlington with most of them being non-poisonous. The images above show examples of both non-poisonous and poisonous snakes common to this area. Snakes are beneficial to the environment, feeding on everything from insects to rodents.

Identifying snakes is important in determining how Animal Services responds to snake calls. A non-poisonous snake outside of a home is normal, but if any variety of snake is reported inside of a home, an Animal Services Officer will respond. If the snake is determined to be poisonous, is outside, and its location is being watched, call Animal Services at 817-459-5898.

Three Most Common Venomous Snakes in Arlington

Other Options

You may also take a picture of the snake and upload it to https://www.facebook.com/groups/whatsnakeisthis/, and they will help with identifying the snake and give you information regarding the reptile.

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