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Jail Operations

The Arlington Police Department maintains the city jail at the central station location, 600 W. Abram Street. Volunteers are needed to assist the detention officers with administrative tasks and other routine activities.Volunteers will work in the secure central control room. They will not work on the jail floor or have contact with any inmates.


Examples of tasks and responsibilities

  • Remove bond information from the fax machine and distribute
  • Copy paperwork
  • Answer telephone calls from bail bondsmen
  • Operate automated door system that opens and closes the Sally Port gates when officers bring prisoners to the jail
  • Perform a visual inspection to ensure that the arresting officers are not inadvertently bringing weapons into the jail

Qualification Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Successfully pass a complete criminal history
  • Be able to work comfortably in an environment with periods of high activity

Work Locations

Arlington City Jail, 620 W. Division St. Arlington, TX 76004