Lena Pope Home


Lena Pope home has worked to reduce the wait for Family Matters Counseling in Arlington, Texas. Last year, the wait for counseling in Arlington reached six weeks. Today, there is no wait for counseling in Arlington, and Lena Pope Home continues to work to increase speedy access to therapy for families who need it.

The availability of counseling in Arlington has greatly helped Jaime, a 14-year old boy, and his family. Earlier this year, Jaime’s parents were at their wit’s end with their son’s behavior and had sent him to live other family and escape the negative influence of some friends in trouble. Jaime had gotten into drinking, had begun cutting himself and was on the path to trouble with the police. Jaime’s parents did not like who he had become and Jaime did not line who he had become either. With counseling, Jaime learned that he could change his behavior and gained the self esteem to make better choices. Jaime began thinking of himself in a positive way and discovered that his life could take on a positive path instead of one filled with trouble. His parents learned both how to discipline Jaime and how to support him in making positive choices and becoming a more responsible young man. Because of counseling, Jaime is now back home rebuilding his trust with his parents and getting the support he needs.

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