Contributing to a thriving Arlington by supporting the causes which benefit our citizens and enhance the natural surroundings and lifestyle of our city.

Who We Are :: Foundation Facts

  • Created in 2007 by the Arlington City Council.
  • Since inception, $11.4 million has been contributed to more than 300 projects.
  • We are a public charity serving Arlington exclusively.
  • Our mission is to contribute to a thriving Arlington.
  • The issues we engage in are centered on people and neighborhoods, nature and animals and programs which enhance the lifestyle and culture of the city.
  • We are a segregated, permanent endowment with grants made from earnings on our investments.
  • The City of Arlington capped its $100 million in contributions to Foundation’s corpus in 2014.
  • Average Annual Giving = $1.4 million
  • Average grant size = $34,682
  • Grants to local Charities = $6.3 million
  • City of Arlington Department Grants (including Parks & Recreation) = $5.1 million
  • The Foundation targets more than 76% of annual funding to help underwrite large grants which promise to have a large impact on the city and its citizens. Generally, projects in this category have a grant floor of $75,000 and may include support for capital and new programming efforts.
  • Recognizing the importance of ongoing programs which enrich and serve the people of Arlington, the Foundation typically targets 13% of funding for smaller grants with a grant floor of $5,000; ten percent of earnings will focus on underwriting City of Arlington endeavors.
  • The Foundation generally requires a financial match and/or sweat equity component as consideration for any grant awarded.
  • The full process from submitting an initial Letter of Inquiry to final grant consideration, may take up to four months.