After months of public input, the Arlington City Council unanimously approved a package of bond projects that will focus on streets, parks, fire facilities and libraries. The 236 million bond program was approved by voters in the November 4, 2014 municipal election.

Proposition 4 – Libraries


Library Portion of the Hugh Smith Recreation Center/East Library Project – $5,695,000

This funding would allow for design and construction of a new East Arlington Branch Library, which will be co-located with a reconstructed Hugh Smith Recreation Center.

Woodland West Library Remodel – $395,000

This funding would allow for remodeling of the entryway and addition of approximately 600 square feet to the Woodland West Library.

The amounts identified for the Library projects listed under Proposition 4 are estimated amounts and the City of Arlington may reallocate the amounts or substitute other Library projects of a similar nature in accordance with the respective bond proposition.