Welcome to the City of Arlington’s Business Plan.  This page contains information used to create the City’s work plan and the dollars that support our budget.  Our goal is to make this process transparent to our residents as we work to achieve City Council Priorities and Core Services.

Support Quality Education

Education WordleA successful community requires a variety of support systems and an environment that enables educational opportunities to flourish. Residents, students and families seek a community with desirable choices and a culture of achievement. Arlington strives for quality public, private and higher education for our community. The synergy between educational institutions, the municipal corporation, the private sector and the community can help ensure success and achievement for all students. Focusing on supporting quality education will attract new residents and businesses that will invest in our economy.

TechLinkEarly Learning

  • Build a foundation of strong early literacy skills to ensure that our youngest community members are ready for kindergarten.
  • Build a network of service providers that work together to support various aspects of early learning development, including direct service to children, parent awareness/engagement, family literacy, teacher education, etc.
  • Offer families and caregivers with young children convenient access to tools that support early learning development, including books, digital resources, multi-media kits and learning aids.
  • Provide opportunities for families to participate in developmentally appropriate and conveniently located programs that support early learning development.

Fire AcademyK-12 Schools

  • Support families with K-12 students through the various educational milestones which contribute to school attendance and on-time high school graduation.
  • Facilitate seamless partnerships between K-12 schools, businesses and government institutions that allow students to investigate career opportunities and begin the process to transition to the workforce or to higher education, through internships, dual credit programs and other career exploration activities.
  • Provide students with ready access to curriculum enrichment tools such as books, multimedia materials and digital learning services that will support educational needs and interests.
  • Facilitate the growth of community-based programs that supplement formal education and allow students to build relationships with caring adults who enhance their well-being.

UTAHigher Education

  • Advance the growth and development of institutions of higher education and vocational training and engage their students and faculty in community building initiatives.
  • Encourage partnerships between higher education institutions and businesses, nonprofits and City departments to provide opportunities to build relationships that encourage graduates to choose Arlington as their home after graduation.
  • Support the University of Texas at Arlington in their pursuit of Tier One status.

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