At the center of the largest metropolitan area in the state ranked best for business, home to three professional sports teams, the largest business park in North Texas, and one of the fastest growing research institutions in the United States, there are many big reasons businesses should be in Arlington.

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National Overview

According to U.S. Census recent estimates, the United States of America’s population is 313,914,040, the State of Texas’ population is 26,059,203, the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex’s population is 6,526,548, and the City of Arlington’s population is 375,600. Arlington is the fiftieth most populous city in the United States of America, the seventh most populous city in the state of Texas, and the third most populous in the North Texas Region. (Source: Wikipedia)

Blue radius map of Arlington, Texas

Arlington is situated in an advantageous geographic location. Arlington is approximately 8 miles (13 km) from DFW International Airport, the fourth busiest airport in the world in terms of aircraft movement. From the North Texas region within a 1000 miles radius, Arlington is accessible to several major metropolitan areas in more than 28 states in the U.S and Mexico. Businesses can enjoy the luxury of transporting their goods to and from major customers and suppliers, while business people can conveniently travel from city to city to conduct their important business. Below is a chart that shows average travel (flight) times from our region to yours. We can be there or vice versa in no time!

Air Travel Time To Major Metropolitan Markets

Atlanta 1h:58m London 10h:02m Cairo 14h:23m
Chicago 2h:06m Paris 10h:23m Beijing 14h:28m
Mexico City 2h:22m Sao Paulo 10h:43m Shanghai 16h:08m
Miami 2h:45m Frankfurt 10h:47m Hong Kong 16h:44m
Toronto 2h:55m Berlin 10h:56m Sydney 17h:39m
Los Angeles 2h:57m Rio De Janeiro 10h:57m Mumbai 18h:06m
New York 3h:16m Tokyo 13h:25m
Panama City 4h:29m Seoul 14h:08m Source: