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Homeless Services :: Homeless / Eviction Prevention Assistance

Homeless / Eviction Prevention services are funded through the Homeless Housing and Services Program (HHSP). The HHSP program is funded by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) and is managed and operated in the City of Arlington by the Arlington Housing Authority.

The purpose of the HHSP program is to provide assistance to Arlington residents to help prevent homelessness, or to end homelessness.

The Housing Authority began accepting applications on January 10, 2018, and will continue until funds are depleted.

At this time, we are only accepting applications for Eviction Prevention.

For persons at risk of becoming homeless due to an unforeseen hardship or extenuating circumstances beyond their control, the program may pay up to three months past due rent and utilities to prevent a pending eviction or disconnection of utilities.

For persons currently experiencing homelessness, the program may assist with short term, temporary lodging and financial assistance to help enter suitable rental housing (such as security deposit, utility deposit, and first month’s rent).


Eligible applicants must be either homeless or at risk of becoming homeless AND

  • Reside in the City of Arlington at the time of application
  • Have income below 30% area median income HUD-Income-Limits
  • Have eviction / disconnect notice, if applicable

NOTE: Persons currently receiving rental housing assistance from a federal, state, or local governmental entity are not eligible for assistance through HHSP.

Homeless Definition:

Eligible applicants must meet one of the following definitions of homeless:

  • Imminent Risk of Homeless
  • Homeless Under Other Federal Statutes
  • Fleeing/Attempting to Flee Domestic Violence

At Risk of Homelessness:

An individual or family who is at risk of homelessness must:

  1. Have an annual income below 30% of area median family income (HUD Income Limits); AND
  2. Does not have sufficient resources or support network immediately available to prevent them from moving to an emergency shelter; AND
  3. Meet one of the following conditions:
    1. Has moved because of economic reasons 2 or more times during the 60 days immediately preceding the application for assistance; OR
    2. Is living in the home of another because of economic hardship and being forced to move out of the residence; OR
    3. Must have an eviction notice from landlord advising that their right to occupy their current housing or living situation will be terminated within 21 days after the date of application for HHSP assistance; OR
    4. Lives in a hotel or motel and the cost is not paid for by charitable organizations or by Federal, State, or local government programs for low-income individuals; OR
    5. Is exiting a publicly funded institution or system of care; OR
    6. Otherwise lives in housing that has characteristics associated with instability and an increased risk of homelessness.

The information above provides the basic eligibility requirements. In addition:

  1. Applicant’s dwelling rental unit must pass a Housing Quality Standards Inspection performed by the AHA; AND
  2. Landlord must agree to stop the eviction action if past due rent is satisfied through this program.


HHSP Checklist Of Necessary Documents


To apply for assistance or receive additional information, please contact the Arlington Housing Authority

Access a List of Resources to assist with rent, utilities, food, and basic needs.