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Neighborhood Block Party Information


**Please Note: The Block Party Trailer is not reservable for National Night Out**

What is the Block Party Trailer?

The Block Party Trailer contains everything you need for a block party! The trailer is free for use by all registered neighborhood groups in the City of Arlington. Check here to see if your neighborhood is registered in our Neighborhood Network, or to get registered if your neighborhood isn’t already. Unfortunately, the Block Party Trailer is not available to groups that are not neighborhoods (although you can still apply for a street closure with this application).

How does it work?

The trailer will be dropped off the Friday before your block party and will be picked up the Monday after. Applications must be received at least 7 days prior to your block party. Pick a weekend and see if the trailer is available for your use – just email your request to blockparty@arlingtontx.gov!

The trailer has everything you need to have a great time, including:

    • picnic tables
    • folding tables
    • chairs
    • water coolers
    • ice chests
    • games
    • street barricades
    • cones
    • and more!

How do we Apply?

Submittal of an application with neighborhood signatures will officially reserve your weekend. The City’s Public Works and Transportation department must approve the street closure. Closures can be requested once per year. Please see the application for additional information. Submittal of the application via email to blockparty@arlingtontx.gov is recommended.

Look for the Block Party Trailer around Arlington!

We want to have a block party, but we just need the street closed without the Block Party Trailer.

That’s okay! If your neighborhood will still need to close off a street for your party, complete the Block Party Permit Application and mark that you do not want the BPT, and provide all other required information.

If you don’t need to close a street for your party, you can still let us know your neighborhood is having a good time together, just shoot an email to blockparty@arlingtontx.gov.

We are not a neighborhood, but we need a street closure – is this the same application?

Yes! Any group that is having a block party-style event should use this application to apply for the street closure. If your event is open to the general public, will have food, beverage, or retail vendors present, will be catered, or has ticketed entry, you may require alternate or additional permits. If you’re not sure, just send an email to blockparty@arlingtontx.gov and we’ll help you figure out what you need to make your party a success!