Our mission is to make Arlington a premier City by engaging in visionary planning, building vibrant neighborhoods, and serving our residents, businesses and visitors.

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Make a Difference

The Make a Difference article focuses on highlighting redevelopment and renovation projects within our city. These projects include facelifts to building facades, new sign packages, updated landscaping, total site redevelopment, and many other private reinvestment projects.

1505 North Collins Street

There has been significant change occurring on the northeast corner of North Collins Street and Skyline Drive.   Since 2001, this corner has been home to Chick Fil A restaurant, and in 2015 the process began to redevelop the site with a larger restaurant building, parking area, and more room for drive-through stacking.  (Click here to continue reading)

711 West Pioneer Parkway

In recent times, there has been significant redevelopment at the intersection of Matlock Road, South Cooper Street, and West Pioneer Parkway.  For years, this intersection has been home to a number of gas stations.    Last month’s project highlighted on this webpage – 800 West Randol Mill Road – redeveloped from a gas station to a new McDonald’s location.  (Click here to continue reading)

800 West Pioneer Parkway

There is significant redevelopment occurring at the intersection of Matlock Road, South Cooper Street and West Pioneer Parkway. Currently under construction, in the triangular site at 711 West Pioneer Parkway is a new Advance Auto Parts. ­­­­Going back in early 2014, the property at the southeast corner of South Cooper Street and West Pioneer Parkway, where a gas station stood for many years, permitting process had begun for what would become a new McDonald’s location.  (Click here to continue reading)

Parks Mall

The City of Arlington would like to commend ‘The Parks Mall at Arlington’ located at the intersection of Interstate 20 and Cooper Street.

The Alternate Sign Plan for The Parks Mall was approved by the City Council in May 2014.  The 50-foot tall sign located on the IH-20 frontage road adds increased visibility for the mall from the highway and the frontage road, and also adds increased visibility for its tenants.  It includes a center identification, which is the tallest piece and stands out in a contrasting color. The three new ground signs along the entrance driveways with slightly increased height and uniform branding theme make the entrances more visible to the driving public.  Additionally, the six new directional signs aid in directing the developments visitors.   Along with this new sign package, the Parks Mall also updated the landscaping around the newly installed signs.  (Click here to continue reading)

Pioneer Square

The City of Arlington wants to commend the vision of Dan Tran, the property manager of Pioneer Square, located at the northeast corner of Pioneer Parkway and Sherry Street. Pursuing the goals of the City’s “New York Ave Corridor Strategy”, Mr. Tran has established himself as a  pioneer of reinvestment and redevelopment within the area.  (Click here to continue reading)