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Make a Difference – 711 West Pioneer Parkway

711 West Pioneer Parkway Redevelopment

In recent times, there has been significant redevelopment at the intersection of Matlock Road, South Cooper Street, and West Pioneer Parkway.  For years, this intersection has been home to a number of gas stations.    Last month’s project highlighted on this webpage – 800 West Randol Mill Road – redeveloped from a gas station to a new McDonald’s location.

The site at 711 West Pioneer Parkway also looks vastly different.   The new Advance Auto Parts building increases its presence at this intersection through the use of vertical and horizontal articulation, banding, parapets, and a variety of building materials, among other accents.  It creates more interest for motorists and pedestrians passing through this intersection than the previous building.

Another major change to this location is the increased landscaping on site.  New Texas Ash and Cedar Elm trees line the site.  These will provide an excellent source of shade for the parking lot, as well as pedestrians walking down the sidewalks.  These trees; along with the increased number of shrubs provided, will not only help screen the parking lot, but also provide a softer transition from the street to the new development.  Once again, this is a great example of the city’s design guidelines and ordinances at work.

711 W Pioneer Parkway Before

Looking North toward previous development

711 W Pioneer Parkway After

Looking North toward current development

711 W Pioneer Parkway Before

Looking West toward previous development

711 W Pioneer Parkway After

Looking West toward current development