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Prior to applying for a commercial building permit, an applicant must first submit a set of construction plans for either a Public Improvements Development review (if there are any public improvements such as a fire hydrant, culvert, etc.) or a Commercial Site Plan – Application and Checklist (if the site is platted). The review of these plans is a multi-disciplinary function and includes staff with expertise in landscaping, fire, streetlights, zoning and engineering. Five complete sets are required for initial review.  (See Technical Checklist)

Examples of permits that require site plan submittals include new buildings, new shell buildings, parking lots (including expansions), additions, carports, etc.  Please note that all site plan and public improvement plan submittals and re-submittals should be delivered by the applicant to assure that all of the required items are included and to address any questions that may arise.  Plans submitted by courier will not be accepted and will be returned to the sender if the required items are not included with the submittal.

Below are listed helpful links to questions you may have related to the engineering aspect of public improvements and site plans.