Our mission is to make Arlington a premier City by engaging in visionary planning, building vibrant neighborhoods, and serving our residents, businesses and visitors.

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Landmark Preservation Commission

The Arlington Landmark Preservation Commission provides leadership in identifying, protecting, and developing Arlington’s historic structures, districts, and sites and to educate citizens and visitors on the city’s past and how it relates to its present and affects its future.

If you would like to contact the Landmark Preservation Commission please email: landmark@arlingtontx.gov

Meetings and Agendas

Members and Staff

    • Helena Montgomery
    • Cheryl Donaldson, Vice Chair
    • Valerie Galloway
    • Michelle Canton, Chair
    • Lisa Allen
    • Geraldine Mills
    • Dorothy Rencurrel
    • Geoff Scheid
    • Barbara Reber

Dedication Ceremony Committee

LPC Local Marker Subcommittee

    Martha May Rose Martin, Suzanne Sweek, Kristina Rumans


Sarah Stubblefield, Historic Preservation Officer – 817-459-6566

Estela Bush, Administrative Assistant – 817-459-6667


Preserving Arlington: Past Visions, Future Realities

The Arlington preservation plan was adopted in 2010. Its purpose is to record past and current preservation activities, define the city’s preservation needs, and provide a framework for implementing the goals and priorities established by the plan.

Local Landmark Program

The Landmark Preservation Commission accepts applications to recognize structures and sites as that are significant to the history and culture of Arlington. Approved landmarks are eligible to receive a medallion or marker, which provides a way to make those sites easy to locate and recognize so that residents and visitors alike may visit and enjoy them. Learn More.

Historic Preservation Fund

Occasionally, the City of Arlington accepts applications for grant funding through the Historic Preservation Fund. Cultural, historical or tourism organizations with tax-exempt status are encouraged to apply. The purpose of the fund is to foster cooperative interaction between Arlington’s tourism industry and heritage community. The goal is to benefit the public by increasing awareness of the richness of the cultural and historic resources in Arlington, as well as strengthening Arlington’s desirability as a heritage tourism destination. Grants provided to eligible recipients will fund projects that demonstrate that goal.

Program & Services