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Local Marker Program

The Landmark Preservation Commission is currently taking applications for installation of City of Arlington Local Historical Markers. The local marker provides a means to recognize local landmarks and sites that have significance in the history of Arlington and to make those landmarks and sites easy to locate and recognize so that residents and visitors alike may visit and enjoy them.

Nomination Criteria

At a minimum, any nomination for a structure or site must meet the following criteria:

    • Be at least 50 years old
    • Be visible and accessible to the public
    • Be within Arlington city limits

At least one of the following criteria must also be met:

    • Possess significance in the history, archeology, architecture, or culture of Arlington
    • Be associated with events that have made significant contributions to the Arlington community
    • Be associated with the biography of current or previous residents of Arlington with substantiated documentation


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For additional information, please contact:
Landmark Preservation Commission

Community Development and Planning
101 W Abram Street
Arlington, TX 76010

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