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Collins Street and Pioneer Parkway Design Guidelines

Project Purpose

The Collins Street/Pioneer Parkway Design Guidelines project was identified as a first step in creating a regional International Corridor that capitalizes on the existing international businesses and residents surrounding this area. This intersection is prominent in the International Corridor, as identified in both the New York Avenue Corridor Strategy and 99 Square Miles – the Comprehensive Plan. Additionally, this project is being completed in partnership with Tarrant County as a regional effort to highlight the culture and diversity of this corridor.

The Collins Street/Pioneer Parkway Design Guidelines were adopted by Ordinance #18-015 on April 10, 2018.

Design Guidelines Summary

View the Executive Summary Here

View the entire Collins Street/Pioneer Parkway Design Guidelines  document here

Contact Information

For questions or comments about these recommendations, please contact senior planner Sarah Stubblefield at 817-459-6566 or sarah.stubblefield@arlingtontx.gov.