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New York Advisory Committee (NYAC)

The purpose of the New York Advisory Committee (NYAC) is to provide local stakeholder input, assist with development strategies, review recommendations, and act as a project liaison to the public. The committee will act in an advisory capacity only and will be composed of citizens representing neighborhood groups, community organizations, local schools, area churches, local business leaders and affected property owners, as well as members of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, US Pan Asian-American Chamber of Commerce and the Tarrant County Asian American Chamber of Commerce.

The advisory committee met a total of four times throughout the process to provide input on the Strategy. Below is a listing of the New York Avenue Corridor Strategy Committee members.

Name Affiliation
Larry Beaver Berry Elementary School
Raul Espinosa Rankin Elementary School
Casey Gonzales Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Robert Lawler St. Matthew Catholic Church
Alan Lorenzana House of Prayer for All Nations
Aleine Martin Manhattan Park Townhomes
Grace McDermott US Pan Asian-American Chamber of Commerce
Sam Moore Plaza Heights Neighborhood
Lynn Nguyen American First National Bank
Yen Nguyen Tarrant County Asian American Chamber of Commerce
Sue Phillips East Arlington Renewal
Katie Qualls Arlington Chamber of Commerce
Tammy Rogers Johns Elementary School
Tom Schlueter Prince of Peace House of Prayer
Alan Schonborn East Arlington Family Support Center
Sam Smith Planning and Zoning Commission
David Tapia Hutcheson Jr. High School