Our mission is to make Arlington a premier City by engaging in visionary planning, building vibrant neighborhoods, and serving our residents, businesses and visitors.

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Planning and Zoning Commission Members

Helen Moise, Chair

Place 1
Year Appointed: 2016
Occupation: Real Estate Consulting
Business Phone: 817-253-5423
Resident of Arlington since: 1983
Education: B.A., University of Texas at Austin; M.S., University of Texas at Arlington

Linda Gibson

Place 2
Year Appointed: 2017
Occupation: Retired
Business Phone: 817-468-5182
Resident of Arlington since: 1986
Education: B.S.E, M.S.E,. University of Kansas

Jeff McCurdy

Place 3
Year Appointed: 2015
Occupation: Attorney at Foster & Sear LLP
Business Phone: 817-633-3355
Resident of Arlington since: 1973
Education: B.S., Texas Christian University, J.D., Texas Wesleyan University School of Law

Clay Kelley

Place 4
Year Appointed: 2017
Occupation: Business Owner
Business Phone: 817-548-0750
Resident of Arlington since: 1973
Education: Texas Tech University, UTA

Ignacio Nunez

Place 5
Year Appointed: 2017
Occupation: Physician, Gynecologist
Business Phone: (817) 860-1309
Resident of Arlington since: 1979
Education: B.S., University of Texas at Arlington; Southwestern Medical School

Ron Smith

Place 6
Year Appointed: 2012
Occupation: Vice President, First Financial Bank
Business Phone: 817-929-8522
Resident of Arlington since: 1979
Education: Texas A&M University

Harry Croxton

Place 7
Year Appointed: 2012
Occupation: IRS Enrolled Agent; Real Estate Broker; Business Consultant
Business Phone: 817-915-9228
Resident of Arlington since: 1985
Education: B.S. in Business Administration/Accounting, Morgan State University

Charles Brady

Place 8
Year Appointed: 2017
Occupation: Attorney
Business Phone: (817) 317-9506
Resident of Arlington since: 1996
Education: BA, University of Texas, Arlington, JD., Texas Wesleyan University School of Law

Cameron Atkins

Place 9
Year Appointed: 2016
Occupation: Purchasing
Business Phone: 817-264-7533
Resident of Arlington since: 1984
Education: University of Texas at Arlington