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Real Estate Services :: Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Real Estate Services Division do?

The Real Estate Services Division acquires all property rights for City projects. These project requirements range from several acres for a park site to a few square feet for an easement.

Does the City ever sell City owned property?

Yes. When the City has surplus properties that are not going to be utilized for City facilities, they will be sold through a public bid process.

Does the City sell houses or land that have been foreclosed due to unpaid taxes?

No. Arlington Independent School District seizes and sells property because of unpaid taxes.

Does the City have vacant houses, offices, etc. for lease?


Can the City take my land without compensation?

No. The City has the right of eminent domain, which allows it to acquire needed land. Compensation is paid based on market value. However, dedication of easement rights can be required when a tract of land is platted or subdivided.

How does the City determine a value for my property?

The City hires independent fee appraisers to determine the value and/or uses comparable sales in the area.