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Sign Code Update – News


In an effort to beautify the city, reduce visual clutter and provide consistency, the Arlington City Council recently adopted an ordinance that will bring changes to storefront signs.

All new developments, as well as additions and/or change of use in tenant spaces in existing structures, will trigger compliance with this Sign Code Update. Many new sign types have been introduced such as the blade signs, entryway signs, and canopy signs. Also, for some of the sign types, the signage area dimensions have been increased to allow for more legibility.

From the onset of the Sign Code Update, a primary goal was to develop a simplified set of sign regulations, creating effective and visually pleasing signage in Arlington.

The Unified Development Code (UDC) serves as the City of Arlington’s regulatory guide and provides direction on land uses and development.  The sign standards are a key component of the UDC and impact the image of the city. The standards are also now more aligned with the UDC format and contain sign types organized with images and tables for ease of use and understanding of the City’s standards.

“Through this Sign Code Update, we are encouraging effective signage for our businesses so that they thrive in Arlington, at the same time make it aesthetically pleasing to enhance the image of our City,” said Development Planning Manager Gincy Thoppil.

The Sign Code Update connects to the city council’s “Champion Great Neighborhoods” priority.

A group including some of Arlington’s chief developers — Mojy Haddad, CHS Architects; Ronnie Price, President of Arlington Convention & Visitors Bureau; Jerry Bolz, Peloton Commercial Real Estate; and Harry Croxton, Planning and Zoning Commission — helped update the sign ordinance.

To determine whether or not the signs in your place of business are in compliance with the new city order, check out the online ordinance here.

Good examples of correct signage for all different varieties of signs can be found on pages: 12, 14, 18 and 21.