Our mission is to make Arlington a premier City by engaging in visionary planning, building vibrant neighborhoods, and serving our residents, businesses and visitors.

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Ride2Work Logo in navy and red fontRide2Work will provide transportation to qualified, low- and moderate-income Arlington residents to help them access a broad range of employment-related activities including:

  • Jobs
  • Job Training
  • Job Interviews
  • Educational Resources
  • Childcare

To qualify for the Ride2Work service, you must:

  • Live in the City of Arlington
  • Have a household income that is low or moderate according to HUD standards. To determine if you meet HUD income standards, click here: HUD Income Standards
  • NOT be eligible to ride Handitran
  • Need transportation to work or a work-related activity like training, interviews, education, or childcare

For more information, or to apply for service, please contact:

Mission Arlington
210 W. South St.
Arlington, TX 76010