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Zoning Board of Adjustment

The Zoning Board of Adjustment is a nine member board appointed by City Council. The main purposes of the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) are to provide a “release valve” for those situations where literal enforcement of the Unified Development Code may impose unnecessary hardship. This is achieved by hearing cases for Variances. The specific Powers and Duties of the Zoning Board of Adjustment are available in Section 9.4 of the Unified Development Code.


Variances allow for adjustments to specific Unified Development Code requirements, owing to special and unique conditions, where the literal enforcement of the ordinance provisions result in an unnecessary hardship. When a lot differs from other lots in the same district by being of such restricted area, shape or slope that it cannot be developed in a manner commensurate with the development permitted upon other lots in the same district, a variance can be sought. It is important to understand that a variance shall not be granted to relieve a self-created or personal hardship, nor for financial reason only. The Variance application process is described in Section 10.4.7 of the Unified Development Code.

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