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Contact Departments

General Questions and Concerns: Call the ACTION CENTER at 817-459-6777

Municipal Court Fines – call 817-275-5970

Water Service/Payments – call 817-275-5931


Telephone:  817-459-5570

Animal Services

Telephone:  817-459-5898
Provides pet adoption services, issues pet licenses, and handles animal-related complaints. E-mail:

Budget Office

Telephone:  817-459-6200
Directs Budget activities.

Building Inspections

Telephone: 817-459-6502
Performs ordinance enforcement in construction, zoning, and related activities, reviews plans, and performs construction field inspections. E-mail:

City Auditor’s Office

Telephone:  817-459-6144
The City Auditor is an officer appointed by the City Council. The City Auditor’s Office is responsible for conducting financial, compliance, contract/vendor, information systems and tax audits. The City Auditor’s Office also plays a critical role in performance audits, and occasionally performs special audits as requested or as considered necessary.

City Attorney’s Office

Telephone:  817-459-6878
Provides legal counsel to the mayor, city council, and city departments.  Represents the City in litigation and other legal matters.

City Manager’s Office

Telephone: 817-459-6100
Provides professional management to all city departments through the direction, administration and execution of City policies.

City Secretary’s Office

Telephone:  817-459-6186
The City Secretary records all City Council meetings; conducts city elections; is responsible for billing/collection  of street and sewer assessments, and performs other functions. Maintains vital statistics records for births and deaths and issues birth and death certificates.

Code Compliance

Telephone:  817-459-6777
Function of the Community Services Department that enforces maintenance, sanitation, and zoning ordinances for existing structures; provides for weed and grass abatement; and performs other city code enforcement activities as well as dangerous building enforcement, vacant structure program and public and semi-public swimming pool enforcement. E-mail:

Community Center

Telephone: 817-465-6661
As a division of Parks and Recreation, the Community Center located on South Center St. in Vandergriff Park, is a multi-use facility available for rental to individuals, businesses, organizations, agencies and non-profit groups for meetings, shows and private events. The center is open Tuesday through Saturday. Rental hours may vary. E-mail:

Community Development & Planning

Telephone:  817-459-6502
Provides land use planning services; processes subdivision and development plans; other current and long-range planning services. E-mail:

Convention and Event Services: Convention Center

Telephone: 817-459-5000
Part of the Citizen Services Group; provides space for various groups for trade shows, conventions, consumer shows, conferences, and banquets. E-mail:

Health Services

Telephone: 817-459-6777
Issues permits for food establishments, daycares, food handler and food managers. Coordinates initial food inspections with third-party vendor; performs follow up for food inspections; initial inspections for day cares; responds to food-related complaints. Performs acceptance tests for on-site sewage facilities. Performs mobile food inspections and pushcart inspections. Email:

Environmental Services

Telephone: 817-459-6550
Environmental Services administers and coordinates stormwater quality activities. Foremost among the activities are those directed to water pollution prevention in Arlington’s waterways. The program includes public education, water quality monitoring, control of sediment and other pollutants from development by plan review and construction inspection, industrial inspection, spill response, citizen call response, and enforcement of the Storm Water Pollution Control Ordinance.

Facility Services

Telephone:  817-459-5424
A division of  Support Services; responsible for custodial and building repair/renovation services for City facilities. E-mail:

Financial Services

Telephone:  817-459-6300
Directs and controls the areas of accounting, cash and debt management, and purchasing; prepares the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. E-mail:

Fire Department

Administration: 817-459-5500
Emergency:  Call 9-1-1
Provides fire education and prevention, fire suppression, rescue, emergency medical services, investigates suspected arsons, and performs other fire-related activities. E-mail:

Fire Department Communication Services

Telephone:  817-543-5912
A division of the Fire Department; responsible for all City radio and 911 emergency dispatch needs.

Garbage Collection and Recycling

Telephone: Recycling Office 817-459-6777
Sanitary Landfill 817-317-2400 Administers garbage collection, recycling, and sanitary landfill operations. E-mail:

Knowledge Management Office

Telephone: 817-459-6406
A division of Management Resources supporting Mail Services, Canon Print Center, Convenience Copier/Printers with Imagenet, and Records Services.

Handitran (Special Transportation)

Telephone:  817-459-5390
Provides transportation to the senior and disabled residents of Arlington, Pantego and Dalworthington Gardens with special transit needs. Accepts applications and issues permits for taxicab and limo services. E-mail:

Housing Authority

Telephone: 817-275-3351
Works to provide decent housing, crisis assistance, community programs, and expanded economic opportunities for Arlington residents with low and moderate incomes through rental assistance. E-mail:

Human Resources

Telephone:  817-459-6869
Employee Services, Operations, Organizational Development and Risk.


George W. Hawkes Central Library 817-459-6900
East Arlington Branch 817-459-6900
Lake Arlington Branch 817-459-6900
Northeast Branch 817-459-6900
Southeast Branch 817-459-6900
Southwest Branch 817-459-6900
Woodland West Branch 817-459-6900
Responsible for delivering library services, the Library Department consist of one central and five branch libraries. A full range of library services are provided such as online reference service 24/7, a diverse collection of materials, in a variety of formats, to checkout, research assistance, children’s learning and homework centers, and much more. In addition to providing library facilities and services, the department annually programs computer training classes, special events and activities, and regularly schedule programs such as story times for children and teen movie night.

Management Resources

Telephone: 817-459-6100
Management Resources is an internal service department providing key communication, support and performance services for all city departments. The Office of Communication, the City Secretary’s Office, Executive and Legislative Support, the Action Center and the Knowledge Management Office are the main functions of the department. Each function works as a strategic partner with departments to accomplish organization-wide initiatives, manages special projects for the City Manager’s Office and implements initiatives identified by the Mayor and Council. In addition to these functions, Management Resources provides administrative support for the City Manager’s and the Mayor and Council offices.

Municipal Court

101 S. Mesquite St. Arlington, Texas 76010
Phone: 817-275-5970 Fax: 817-459-6956
Court has jurisdiction over citations (Class C misdemeanor) issued by City officers; responsible for maintaining all records of the court, setting trial dockets, collecting court fines, fees, and taxes; prepares warrants of arrest, and issues subpoenas. All correspondence must be through US mail.

Neighborhood Network

Telephone: 817-459-6104
The goal of the Neighborhood Network is to reinvigorate Arlington’s neighborhoods and ensure sustainability by leveraging resources, increasing citizen participation and encouraging community stakeholder collaborations.

Office of Communication

Telephone: 817-459-6402
OOC issues press releases; publishes and other city publications; and produces broadcasts of city council meetings and other programming for the Arlington Government Channel/Broadcast. E-mail:

Parks and Recreation

For the Arlington community seeking quality facilities and recreational opportunities, the Arlington Parks and Recreation Department offers value and convenience in your own back yard. E-mail:

Police Department

Administration: 817-459-5700
Emergency:  Call 9-1-1
Enforces state and local criminal laws; crime suppression/detection in the City; other police activities. E-mail:

Public Works & Transportation

Telephone: 817-459-6550


Telephone: 817-459-6300
Handles acquisition of all materials, supplies, and equipment used by operating departments; handles bid specifications. E-mail:

Risk Management

Telephone: 817-459-6869
Identifies and develops plans to minimize exposure to accidental loss in an effort to minimize the financial consequences of these accidental losses.

Treasury Office

Telephone: 817-459-6260

Volunteer Services

Telephone: 817-459-6869
A division of Human Resources; coordinates city volunteers in all departments.

Water Department

Dispatch/Emergency Services: 817-459-5900
Customer Services: 817-275-5931
Water Engineering: 817-459-6629
Administration: 817-459-6600
Water Technology Services and Water Finance: 817-459-6290
Treatment and Lab: 817-457-7550
Water Resource Services: 817-459-5902
Field Operations North: 817-459-5904
Field Operations South: 817-459-5905
Water Administration/Finance handles all administrative procedures and financial activities of the Water Department. Engineering handles all engineering related information on water and sewer projects. Customer Services handles requests for service, billing, and processing of utility payments. Information Services is responsible for managing and coordinating the operation and application development of Water Utilities Information Systems, including the geographic information system (GIS), Work Management System (WMS), and Map Room while also providing internal services in the areas of personal computer and technology support, and maintenance of the department’s web page. Meter Reading and Maintenance is responsible for reading, setting (or assuring the proper settings by qualified contractors) and maintaining all water meters in the system. Emergency services are provided 24 hours daily. Treatment is responsible for transporting untreated water to the water treatment facilities, treating the water to a safe condition as defined by State and federal regulations, and pumping the treated water from the treatment plants to the City of Arlington’s distribution system. Laboratory Services ensures compliance with limits for chemical and bacteriological parameters established under the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act, and other federal and State regulations relating to water quality. Field Operations is responsible for operating, maintaining and repairing water lines, valves, fire hydrants, sewer lines and manholes; and final inspections of all new water and wastewater installations. Water Resource Services inspects, permits, and monitors industries and businesses that discharge wastewater to the City’s sanitary sewer system and transport and dispose of non-hazardous waste, to ensure their compliance with City codes and State and federal regulations. It also provides pollution prevention, waste minimization, and cross connection control information to industrial customers. Operations Support provides both Field Operations Services Centers with current and historical data; dispatching and clerical services, responding to citizens requesting services; a complete line of repair materials and parts, tools and equipment. E-mail: