Dream: Central – Building the Library of Tomorrow

History Of Downtown Project :: How We Closed Central Library


Closed sign

Closing the Central library was only the first step of many on the road to having a new library.

Central 1st Floor

Central 1st Floor before the move

Before we closed our doors, library administration moved to City Hall and staff started to move to the Central Express location.

Last night at Central

Last night at Central with staff

As soon as we closed, staff finished moving and then started the huge job of moving 100,000 items out of the old building and into the temporary building.


Moving out of Central Library

Within a two week period, the books were taken off of shelves and put on huge carts the movers furnished.


Empty shelves

The shelves were completely empty.


Central Library is cleared out

After using a location for more than 40 years it was like cleaning out Grandma’s attic!


Shelves at the warehouse

The shelves were moved to the warehouse and then the books were moved and put back on the shelves. So in reality, we moved each item twice, which is like moving 200,000 items!

Volunteers at the Warehouse

Volunteers helping at the warehouse

Library staff members from all departments and community volunteers helped with the organization of the warehouse. Thank you to all that helped for dedicating your time to this special project!

Volunteers at the Library

More volunteers at the library

32 volunteers donated 217.5 hours of their time.


Relocated public computers at East Branch

We moved more than just books! We also moved staff, supplies, furniture, and relocated computers. Now, East and Northeast have double the public computers available. The Genealogy Reference collection moved to Northeast.


Central Express interior

Most of our collection went to the warehouse, but it is still available to check-out through requests. The newest materials are at our new service location, Central Express.

Central Express staff

Central Express staff

Like our other library branches, friendly staff are here to help you at Central Express!

Staff at Central Express

Staff side at Central Express

Central Express also has a staff side of the building, where we order and process materials for the entire library system, along with housing staff offices.


Furniture going to area non-profits

Our furniture and other items we no longer had use for have found many different homes-branch libraries, city departments, public auction and donated to non-profits.


Old building keys

And lastly we have all turned in our keys!