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Hotel Occupancy Tax – Private Home Rentals

If renting a house/condo/townhome within the city limits of Arlington, you are responsible for the collection and remittance of Hotel Occupancy Tax to the City of Arlington. This page will provide you some basic information about the Hotel Occupancy Tax program and the steps involved in calculating and remitting the tax.

Step 1: Register with the City. HOT Registration Form

City of Arlington – Treasury Division
PO Box 90231
MS 63-0800
Arlington TX 76004-3231

An account number will be provided once registration is complete. If you have questions regarding the State of Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax program, please visit the State Comptroller’s website at:

Step 2: Collect the correct amount of tax from the customer:

The City of Arlington collects 9% of the total taxable rent you receive for renting your home. This is over and above the 6% you will collect and remit to the State of Texas Comptroller’s Office. When you rent out your home, you charge the base rent, plus the State tax and the City of Arlington tax. The total combined amount is what you will charge the customer.

An example of how much tax to collect follows:

Price per Unit $ 100.00
Total Nights Rented 3
Total Taxable Rent $ 300.00 Price Per Unit × Total Nights Rented
State Portion (6%) $ 18.00 Total Taxable Rent × 6% (Remit to State)
City Portion (9%) $ 27.00 Total Taxable Rent × 9% (Remit to City of Arlington)
Total Amount to Charge Customer $ 345.00 Total Taxable Rent + State Portion + City Portion

Step 3: Send completed HOT Tax form and payment to:

City of Arlington – Treasury Division
PO Box 90231
MS 63-0800
Arlington TX 76004-3231

Please Note:

  • A report must be filed even if no tax is due.
  • Penalties and interest will apply to late payments.
Reporting Periods

Calendar Quarter

Months Included Tax Due
1 Jan – Feb – Mar April 30
2 Apr – May – Jun July 31
3 Jul – Aug – Sep October 31
4 Oct – Nov – Dec January 31