Duty •  Honor • Compassion • Excellence • To meet and exceed our community’s needs and expectations by providing high quality emergency response, life safety and community support services.


It is our goal to investigate all complaints regarding our performance while ensuring confidentiality for both the complainant and the subject of the complaint. As a means of maintaining Arlington Dispatch Services’ exceptional level of performance and community relations, we:

    • Encourage citizens to recommend improvements in our service delivery
    • Encourage complaints and/or questions about the performance or actions of our members and employees

Complaints should describe the events or incident, date and approximate time, and the telecommunicator’s name(s) and/or ID number.

A statistical evaluation of our complaint information is conducted annually. These reports are available to the public and may be obtained by emailing a request to our CALEA Accreditation Manager Cherie Douglass at: Cherie.Douglass@arlingtontx.gov or by regular mail at:

City of Arlington Dispatch Services
Attn: CALEA Accreditation Manager
P.O. Box 231
Arlington, Texas 76004-0231
MS 04-0380

Procedures for Submitting a Complaint

If you feel that an employee has acted improperly or not given the level of service expected, you may register your complaint in the following ways:

    • You may use our online feedback form. Once submitted, this form will be sent to the Action City’s Center for resolution.
    • You may email the Communications Administrator directly at Rhonda.Shipp@ArlingtonTX.gov
    • You may choose to register your complaint in writing by mailing it to:City of Arlington Dispatch Services
      Attn: Rhonda Shipp Communications Administrator
      P.O. Box 231
      Arlington, Texas 76004-0231
      MS 04-0380