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Fire Prevention


Operational Permit Fees

Fire Inspectors

Fire Prevention Inspectors are responsible for preventing fires through periodic inspection of commercial or public buildings, licensed facilities/operations and other buildings in the city of Arlington. Inspectors are also responsible for certificate of occupancy inspections for new businesses. Additionally they inspect fire suppression and notification systems including alarms, sprinklers and cooking hoods. Inspectors play a key role in crowd management and path of egress maintenance at large scale venues such as AT&T Stadium, Six Flags Over Texas and the Ballpark at Arlington. Many of the Fire Prevention Inspectors are also cross training in other disciplines to include peace officer, explosive detection k-9 handler and explosive ordnance disposal technician.

General inspection information:

Explosive Ordinance Disposal

The Arlington Fire Department Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team is comprised of Fire Prevention Inspectors and Investigators who are cross-trained to address the threat of explosive devises. The EOD Team includes eight explosive detection canines and their handlers and eight certified bomb technicians. Several team members are both dog handlers and certified bomb technicians. The team provides pre-event “sweeps” of major venues in Arlington and throughout the country, investigates suspicious packages, and disposes of explosives.

Fire Investigations

The Arlington Fire Department’s Fire Investigation Unit aggressively investigates the causes of fire in Arlington. As certified peace officers, Arlington’s Investigators develop their own cases, interview witnesses, arrest suspects and testify in court in arson cases. The unit is responsible for conducting professional standards internal investigations if necessary, working with the City Attorney’s Office and Workforce Services Department to ensure the public’s and the employee’s interests and rights are safeguarded.

Fire Codes and Permits

The City of Arlington has adopted the 2009 International Fire Code’s requirements into its City Ordinances. Fire Prevention’s staff of 13 Fire Inspectors/Investigators conducts recurring fire code compliance inspections to ensure the safety of occupants of public buildings. Each year, over 13,000 inspections are conducted. Fire Prevention conducts certificate of occupancy inspections for all new business, as well as operational permits for higher hazard operations, and fire detection and suppression systems.