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A firefighter at a memorial service

Portrait of Champ Clark Barnes

Firefighter Champ Barnes

Champ Clark Barnes, second oldest member of the Arlington Fire Department, died in the service of the Department at 7:45 PM, on March 31, 1951. He passed away as he would have liked, helping to save the property of others while doing service to his fellow man.


Portrait of Firefighter Ronnie Snow

Firefighter Ronnie Snow

Ronald B. Snow (FF) ID # 176
Hired 10-12-1981
Death 3-5-1985 @ 1630 hours
Ronny Snow died after being electrocuted while raising an extension ladder during a training exercise outside fire station 7 on March 5th 1985. He was 25 years old with 3.5 years on the job. He was the first career firefighter to die in the line of duty in Arlington.

Portrait of Captain Ron McAndrew

Captain Ron McAndrew

Ronnie M. McAndrew (Capt.) ID #94
Hired by AFD 6-1-1973
Death 11-14-1990

Portrait of Apparatus Operator Rick Hosford Jr.

Apparatus Operator Rick Hosford

Richard G. Hosford Jr. (AO) ID #234
Hired 1-10-1983
Death 8-31-2005


FF Don Hogg

Firefighter Don Hogg

Donald Edward Hogg (FF) ID #318
Hired 2-10-1986
Death 11-19-2009