Offering Safe, Friendly and Reliable “Ride Share”, Door to Door Transportation Services to the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities.

On Board Handitran

    • Handitran will arrive for pick-up 15 minutes before or after the scheduled time. Please be prepared at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time in order to assist the drivers in keeping their schedules. To avoid delaying other passengers, drivers are required to wait only five minutes before proceeding on their route. If you are not ready, you may be charged with a “no show.”
    • Drivers are not allowed to go into residences or other facilities to look for passengers.
    • Seatbelts must be worn in both buses and taxis. For your safety, drivers are not allowed to put the vehicle in motion until your seatbelt is fastened.
    • For the comfort of all passengers, food, drink or smoking is not permitted.
    • Profanity or abusive conduct is not permitted and can result in suspension or termination of service.
    • Both bus and taxi drivers are prohibited from accepting tips.
    • The minimum age for a child to travel alone is 13 years of age.
    • Passengers must limit their carry-on packages to no more than the equivalent of five (5) full, brown paper grocery bags or ten (10) plastic grocery bags unless an attendant travels with the passenger to load/unload the packages.  Packages are limited to no larger than a brown paper grocery bag and can weigh no more than 20 pounds.