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1. I reported a change in my household income. Has the change been processed?

Changes in household income must be reported and verified. To determine when the reported change in household income is effective contract the Housing Specialist assigned to your account. Staff Directory

2. I need to report a change in circumstances (increase or decrease in household income, or change in persons residing in the assisted dwelling). How do I report the change?

To report a change in household income or change in persons residing in the household, access the Participant section on AssistanceCheck at . If you need help making the update, contact the Housing Specialist assigned to your account. Staff Directory

3. I have an Arlington Housing Voucher. How do I transfer my housing assistance to another jurisdiction? How do I start the portability process?

Program participants may be eligible to transfer their voucher to any housing authority that operates the Housing Choice Voucher Program. At the time of their annual reexamination appointment, Participant must inform their housing specialist that they want to transfer to another jurisdiction to start the portability process. Moves are completed at annual reexamination only. The housing specialist will issue an Intent to Move Notice for participant and landlord to complete. Once the form is completed, participant will contact their housing specialist to schedule a portability appointment. At the appointment, the housing specialist will issue participant a voucher and portability paperwork to transfer to the new jurisdiction. After the appointment, the housing specialist will send their paperwork to the receiving housing authority. The receiving housing authority will contact participant within 10 days to schedule a certification appointment to begin assistance in the new location.

4. I have a housing voucher from another jurisdiction. How do I transfer to Arlington?

Program participant will need to contact their current housing authority office to start the portability process. The housing authority will advise participant on their portability procedures and assist them with moving to Arlington.

5. Will your housing agency bill my housing agency or absorb?

At present, the Arlington Housing Authority is absorbing.

6. Who is my housing specialist?

If you do not remember the name of the housing specialist assigned to your account, check the Staff Directory for a list of names. If you cannot determine your housing specialist by looking at the directory, then call our main telephone number at 817-275-3351.

7. When is my inspection scheduled?

If participant is moving into a new unit, the initial inspection is conducted within five business days from the date the lease packet shows the unit to be ready.

If participant is currently in their unit and the inspection is part of the annual recertification process, participant will receive a letter providing them with the date and time of the inspection. If participant has lost the letter and they need to know the date and time of their inspection they may contact the housing authority main telephone number at 817-275-3351.

8. What is the status of my inspection?

Participant may contact the AHA at 817-275-3351. Please have the address of the unit available.

9. When is my annual re-certification interview appointment?

All program participants are scheduled for reexamination appointments approximately three months prior to their anniversary date. You will be notified of this appointment via email through the AssistanceCheck system. Home visits are made for participants who are physically unable to come to the office.

10. How does the AHA / U.S. Bank ReliaCard work?

The AHA / U.S. Bank ReliaCard is a debit card. Utility assistance payments are transferred electronically into participants card account from which they can access their money at any Automated Teller Machine (ATM), In addition, the card will carry the Visa® logo, allowing participant to make purchases wherever Visa® is accepted. Although the ReliaCard carries the Visa® logo, it is not a credit card. Participant will be using the AHA funds that have been deposited into their card account for utility assistance.

11. How do I access information about my account?

Program participant can access information about their account by contacting Customer Service Toll Free at 855-282-6161 or, accessing their account information by web at

12. I lost my Pay Card, what do I do?

If your U.S. Bank ReliaCard is lost, stolen or damaged, immediately call Customer Service Toll Free at 855-282-6161 and a new card will be mailed to you.

13. What is my utility reimbursement amount?

If participant qualifies for utility reimbursement, they will receive a letter from the AHA that indicates the utility reimbursement amount. The utility reimbursement amount is based on their adjusted income, the type of utility (gas, electric, etc) and the type of unit (apartment, single-family home, etc.).