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Homeowner Assistance :: Emergency Repair :: FAQs

1.  What is the Emergency Repair Grant for Homeowners?

The Housing Emergency Repair Grant for homeowners is designed to assist lower income homeowners repair problems with their home that are considered to be detrimental to or a threat to life, health or safety, and requires immediate attention.

2.  What type of repairs are considered an emergency?

The program will pay for the following types of repairs:

  • Water heater replacement
  • Repair or replacement of existing air-conditioning during the summer months
  • Repair or replacement of existing heating equipment during the winter months
  • Repair or replacement of water or sewer lines
  • Substantial roof leaks that create electrical or other similar hazards

3.  What if I have more than one emergency within a three-year period? Will I be eligible to receive another grant?

No, the program allows eligible homeowners a one-time grant of up to $5,000 during a three-year period.

4.  Can I apply for another grant after the three-year period?


5.  What happens if the cost of the repairs exceed the $5,000 program limit?

If the cost of the repairs exceed the program limit of $5,000, the application for assistance is denied.

6.  What if my application is denied?

If the application is denied, applicant can appeal the denial to the program administrator.

7. Will I have to pay the money back to the City?

No, the assistance is in the form of a grant and repayment is not required.

8.  Once the application is approved, how long will it take for the repairs to be made?

Typically, work will be completed within three business days.

9.  Will the City pay me to stay at a hotel if the work requires the electricity or water to be shut off for more than a day?

No. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to make any temporary living arrangements.

10. If my home never had air-conditioning, would the program pay for the installation of air-conditioning equipment?

No. The program only allows for the repair or replacement of existing equipment.