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Homeowner Assistance :: Foreclosure Prevention

Homeowner Resources: Information & Workshops

The resources below are provided to assist households who may be facing foreclosure on their home. These programs and services are not City of Arlington or Housing Authority programs or services. This list is provided as a resource; these programs are not necessarily endorsed by the Arlington Housing Authority.

Beware of Rescue Scams: Scam artists are taking advantage of homeowners who are desperate to save their home by promising, for a fee, to work with their lender and save their home. Free resources are available through HUD-approved counselors at 1888-995-4663 or

Learn the signs of a scam and protect yourself: Report any scams directly to the Texas Attorney General’s Office at

Assistance for households with existing Veterans Administration (VA) home loans: A new initiative effective 2/1/10 encourages loan servicers to work with homeowners with existing VA loans. For more information, visit VA Making Home Affordable.

Making Homeownership Affordable and Avoiding Fraud: The Making Homeownership Affordable Program is designed to help households modify their existing mortgages to more affordable terms, and help consumers avoid mortgage scams and unnecessary fees. Making Homeownership Affordable Program

Pre-Foreclosure Sale Program: The Pre-Foreclosure Sale (PFS) Program has helped thousands of mortgagors in default to avoid foreclosure and transition to more affordable housing. The PFS Program can help many families who today are facing foreclosure. This loss mitigation option allows a mortgagor in default to sell his or her home and use the sale proceeds in satisfaction of the mortgage debt when the proceeds are less than the amount owed. Contact your lender to determine if this option can assist you. HUD Mortgage Letter 2008-43 provides additional information about this program.  HUD ML 2008-43 PFS Program(PDF)

Streamlined Loan Modification Program: The US Treasury Department, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the Federal Housing Finance Agency have created a new streamlined loan modification program. This is an additional resource for families that are behind in their mortgage payments to help them avoid foreclosure. Read more

Business Community Lenders of Texas: Through its Dallas homeownership center, Business & Community Lenders of Texas, a NeighborWorks member organization, offers free resources including pre- and post- purchase homeowner counseling, and assistance with negotiations with lenders to avoid foreclosure.  Contact Business & Community Lenders of Texas at 1-877-688-7457.

Tarrant County Housing Partnership, Inc. (TCHP):  TCHP is a HUD approved housing counseling agency, providing no cost mediation assistance between homeowners and mortgage companies. TCHP also provides numerous affordable housing opportunities in the City of Arlington. TCHP can be contacted at (817) 924-5091 or through their web site.

Housing Opportunities of Fort Worth:  Housing Opportunities of Fort Worth offers housing counseling and negotiations with mortgage lenders. Services are offered at no charge by HUD approved housing counselors. Contact Housing Opportunities of Fort Worth at (817) 923-9192.

Federal Reserve Bank – Dallas: Foreclosure Resource Center:  The Dallas FRB maintains a foreclosure resource center for consumers, lenders, and other community partners. Information includes resources for consumers, upcoming events and conferences, as well as policy and regulatory updates.  HOPE NOW provides outreach, counseling and assistance to homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgages. Call HOPE NOW at 1-888-995-HOPE (4673) or visit their web site at the link above. There are no fees involved with the services provided through HOPE NOW.

HUD ML 2008-41 Termination of FHASecure:  While FHA will retain its standard rate-and-term refinance program for borrowers who are current on their existing mortgages, the FHASecure program under which FHA was able to insure refinance transactions for borrows delinquent on their mortgages, terminated on December 31, 2008, as per FHA’s initial guidance.

Institute for Foreclosure Legal Assistance:  Information for borrowers on a wide range of topics including avoiding foreclosure, debt cancellation, exploring your options, and finding legal assistance is available through the Institute for Foreclosure Legal Assistance.

Home Loan Resource Center:  The Home Loan Resource Center provides consumer information about credit counseling, money basics, owning versus renting and a complete Foreclosure Prevention Resource Center.

Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America:  This is an additional resource with programs available to help homeowners stay in their homes, work directly with their loan servicers for workout programs and to find HUD approved housing counselors for assistance.

Lenders and Non-Profit Organization Resources: Information & Workshops

HUD/FHA Training opportunities are available for lenders to learn more about Hope For Homeowners and other loss mitigation tools.
Please visit: HUD FHA Single Family Housing – Events and Training

NeighborWorks America:  NeighborWorks America and its network of local organizations have been at the forefront of efforts to preserve homeownership and sustain communities in the face of rising foreclosures. Their National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling Program provides training to increase the number of HUD approved housing counselors available to help homeowners in need.

National Community Reinvestment Corporation (NCRC): The NCRC is an association of community-based organizations promoting access to basic banking services in an effort to build vibrant communities for American’s working families.

Federal Reserve Bank – Dallas: Foreclosure Resource Center:  The Dallas FRB maintains a foreclosure resource center for consumers, lenders, and other community partners. Information includes resources for consumers, upcoming events and conferences, as well as policy and regulatory updates.