The Intergovernmental Relations Division is primarily responsible for developing the City’s state and federal legislative agendas, monitoring legislation and activities, and managing the City’s state and federal lobbyists.

Texas Legislature :: State Legislative Agendas

Every year, the City Council adopts a Legislative Agenda. Following is a summary of the agenda for the 84th Texas State Legislature.


    • Provide and expand a seamless regional transit system that includes High Speed Rail.
    • Increased funding, funding options, and authorization of the collection of municipal sales and use taxes for street maintenance.


    • Continued maintenance of the current Texas Municipal Retirement System.

Event Trust Fund & Event Trust

    • Continued maintenance of the Major Event Trust and the Event Trust Fund.

Travel & Tourism

    • Continued maintenance of the uniform school start date.
    • Continued funding of the Governor’s Division of Economic Development and Tourism.

Public Safety

    • Authorization for sobriety checkpoints and ignition interlock installation for first offenders.
    • Guidance for remote control hobbyists on the safe use of small unmanned aircraft systems in public spaces.
    • Expand the list of prohibited substances to combat synthetic drugs.
    • Assist cities with the costs for equipment and processing of digital media evidence (related to the Michael Morton Act).
    • Amend the offenses of obstruction or retaliation to increase penalties against a person that intentionally posts personal information about a public servant or their family on a website or social media.

Water Planning

    • While the City supports the State Water Plan, it opposes legislation that seeks to implement a state tax, fee or surcharge on residential or commercial water utility bills.
    • Providing additional state funding to fully fund the State Water Plan.

Community Services

    • Funding for shared digital content (including Texshare, K-12 databases and other e-content).
    • Full funding to the Texas Recreation and Parks Accounts and Large County and Municipality Recreation and Parks Account (both known as the “Local Park Grant Program”).
    • Continuation of existing funding streams to help the State combat its homelessness problem.

Supporting Quality Education

    • Preservation of HB 5 provisions and relief from unfunded mandates for Texas public schools.
    • Funding for community and technical college instruction, the Skills Development Fund, the Texas Competitive Knowledge Fund, the Research University Development Fund and the Texas Research Incentive Program.
    • Authorizing UT Arlington’s request for tuition revenue bonds.

Arlington Bills

    • Amend current state law to allow Arlington the option to create a Tourism Public Improvement District.
    • Amend current state law to allow the Viridian Municipal Management District’s Board of Directors to be appointed by the City Council.

For the complete agendas for the complete 84th (2015) and 83rd (2013) Texas State Legislature, click below: