The Intergovernmental Relations Division is primarily responsible for developing the City’s state and federal legislative agendas, monitoring legislation and activities, and managing the City’s state and federal lobbyists.

U.S. Congress :: About

The United States Congress is currently in its 144th session, which began in January 2015 and will last for two years. US Senators serve six year terms while US Representatives serve for two years. Congress is made up of committees, which study key issues and develop recommendations for legislative changes. While in session, City staff works closely with elected state representatives to ensure that the City’s interests are protected and its initiatives are advanced.

As a general policy, the City of Arlington seeks to preserve its current authority to govern the city, its citizens, and its property.

The City will support initiatives that:

    • Eliminate or reduce the impact of unfunded mandates
    • Preserve local control over municipal revenue streams
    • Maintain and enhance support for core local government programs

The City will oppose any legislation or regulation that:

    • Is contrary to the health, safety, and welfare of its citizens
    • Is detrimental to the City’s strategic goals
    • Mandates increased costs or loss of revenues
    • Diminishes the City’s fundamental authority