Work in Downtown Arlington?  Go to school at UT Arlington?  Want to get out and explore attractions in Fort Worth, Dallas, and the rest of the Metroplex? For only $5, MAX gets you where you need to go!

Buy Tickets :: Reduced-Fare Riders :: An East-Side TRE station (Irving/Dallas)

I’m a Reduced-Fare Rider starting in an East-Side TRE station:

  1. Buy a Local Day pass for $2.50 at a ticket machine at the TRE station (credit cards accepted).


  2. Use your pre-purchased $2.50 daily or $40 monthly reduced fare pass. These are available at any DART store.  You MUST purchase in advance – when you buy online the passes are mailed to you.

    Your pass will be good for your round-trip rides on MAX, the TRE, the T, DART, and DCTA.