City Issues Public Health Notice About Rabies

This week, the Infectious Disease Control Unit of the Texas Department of State Health Services confirmed that a bat from a southwest Arlington neighborhood has tested positive for rabies.

According to Animal Services officials, a resident reported that a 13-year-old boy had been exposed to a bat located in the bushes near their home in the 76001 zip code. This is the first confirmed case of a bat infected with rabies in Tarrant County since August 2007.

Pet owners are being reminded that all dogs and cats four months of age and over are required by state law to be vaccinated against rabies. Owners of livestock are also urged to vaccinate their animals as recommended by a licensed veterinarian. Untreated rabies is always fatal, according to Animal Services Manager Chris Huff.

See the attached notice for more information. Call the Texas Department of State Health at 817-264-4500 or Arlington Animal Services at 817-451-3436 for more information or visit

Download rabies information