Adorable Puppy Rescued from Storm Drain


Arlington Animal Services received a call from a concerned citizen reporting sounds coming from a storm drain that sounded like a distressed puppy. Community Services Supervisor, Ray Rentschler quickly responded to the call for help. Officer Rentschler climbed down into the narrow storm drain where he found a helpless, fearful puppy. The puppy was gently rescued out of the storm drain, which only days prior had been flooded with heavy, flowing rainwater.

The puppy was taken to the Arlington Animal Services Center for a health assessment and was found to be a healthy Shepherd mix with a mild case of ringworm. The perils of this little puppy’s experience coined him the name “Draino”. Thanks to the report from an engaged citizen and Officer Rentschler, adorable Draino is feeling much better.

The morning after the brave rescue, a puppy matching in age and size found in the same vicinity as Draino was brought to the shelter. Later the same day, a third puppy from the same neighborhood was delivered to the Animal Services Center. The three puppies which seem to be from the same litter are all are healthy, beautiful animals and have started treatment for ringworm.

Draino and his two brothers are looking for safe, loving homes. If you are interested in meeting Draino and his siblings, visit them today at the Arlington Animal Services Center located at 1000 S.E. Green Oaks Boulevard.

Arlington Animal Services encourages responsible pet ownership.