Arlington Fire Rescue Shares Life Saving Information with Golden PAWS Volunteers


The Golden PAWS October monthly meeting was especially engaging when Arlington Fire Rescue sent three of their finest to provide information about the Vial of Life program. Members of the vivacious Animal Services senior volunteer group learned that the Vial of Life is used to help the Fire Department and other emergency responders locate vital medical information in the event of a life threatening medical emergency.

Golden PAWS volunteers presented homemade blankets as tokens of appreciation to Fire Lieutenant Scott Wallace; Apparatus Operator Bruce Nguyen; and Firefighter Kirk McLaughlin. Firefighter McLaughlin proudly shared a photo of his pet during the group interaction.

A personal story was told by Golden PAWS volunteer Ms. Julia, who stated that the Vial of Life program was instrumental in helping save her husband, Jack, during a recent emergency situation. For more information or to obtain Vials of Life for your organization, please call 817-459-5500.

Community Services Educator Chris Huff and Golden PAWS volunteers appreciate the time and valuable life saving information provided by Arlington Fire Rescue at this special event.

Interested in becoming a Golden PAWS volunteer? For more information about educational or volunteer opportunities contact Community Services Educator Chris Huff at 817-459-6269.