This Furry Spotted Pirate Stole the Hearts of a Loving Family


“It’s hard to understand why someone would ever give her up,” said Kyrsten Barker about the new addition to her family. After visiting Arlington’s Animal Services Center they became the proud new owners of a young female lemon Dalmatian named Pirate.

Ms. Barker described Pirate as shy and quiet upon first meeting and when she was first brought to her new home, but now she is “unrecognizable as the timid dog we had previously brought home.” Barker also describes Pirate as “very intelligent” and “she is vibrant, protective, active, and loves attention!”

Pirate’s new owners gleefully report “she has filled our home with so much joy and personality that it’s sincerely hard to imagine our home with out her.”

Visit Arlington Animal Services to find your bundle of joy. Arlington is offering fee adjustments for dog adoptions until November 19.