Automated Recycling to Launch in 2013

Republic Services will begin delivery of wheeled 65 gallon recycling carts to residents within the next four to six months as the City of Arlington converts to an automated recycling program. The plan was approved at the August 7th city council meeting.  Based on survey results from residents who participated in the pilot program, the city council voted 6 to 3 to approve the program.

Residents will each receive one 65-gallon cart with wheels and a lid, to increase recycling capacity.  The switch from bins to carts will also allow for  easier maneuverability and decrease litter on windy days.

As part of this transition, Republic Services will switch to CNG collection vehicles, but all other aspects of recycling services will remain unchanged. Residents won’t see any additional charges on their utility bills until the new carts are delivered.

Residents with additional questions may call 817-459-6778 for assistance.

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David Stapp
Perhaps the elusive $ .05 per month per household you are concerned about is PROFIT for the private, “for profit” company collecting trash on behalf of the City? It is my understanding of basic economics that most business exist to try and make a profit. The small extra monthly recycling fee to increase the amount of waste recycled is good for the environment, and prolongs the life of the landfill which saves all of us money. Bottom line is, everything costs..there is no free lunch. As costs of doing business go up in our society, obviously the cost to the… Read more »
Ty Valenitne

I have pros and cons about the new wheeled recycling cart. It’s good that it will have a lid for those windy and rainy days, but for those who have smaller homes do not have room to store the cart.

Richard Weber
During the August 7 work session on the recycling program, Mr. Melton goes through the numbers ($.83 recycling, $.04 franchise fee, $.07 sales tax, = total $.94/month/household). Then about 1:32:42 into the replay he breakdown what was used [to determine the $.83]. $4.6 million for carts $3.7 million for trucks $0.4 million for Arlington’s recycling portion of the $1.8 million CNG fueling station. That total is $8.7 million. $8.7 million / 93,000 households (based on statements from the June 26 work session) / 120 monthly payments in 10 years works out to a number that rounds up to $.78/month. Yet,… Read more »