Union Pacific Rail Renewal Detour Map

The initial phase of the Union Pacific Rail Renewal Project will force the simultaneous closings of grade crossings between Davis Street and Mesquite Street beginning January 17, 2013. As the project moves east toward Dallas, crossings will open as others are closed. The best way to minimize the impact of this project on your commute is to plan ahead. The map below features north and south crossings which will remain open through the duration of the rail renewal project which should be completed in Arlington by January 24.

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15 thoughts on “Union Pacific Rail Renewal Detour Map”

  1. The only N/S road that makes sense to travel is Fielder – it goes OVER the RR. West is a “little” 2-lane that goes UNDER, then winds around an old neighborhood to get back to Cooper. Problem with Fielder is school zones (at least 4 just to get to IH30) – watch out for increased tickets! This is not going to be pretty. I don’t believe the RR took into account that Arlington N/S is bisected by the RR and that they are closing off the E/W travel too. It will be nice to have “fixed” tracks, but I agree that given the duration of time to fix the tracks, the RR is effectively dividing Arlington and closing off travel between Arlington north from the south – much of it schools. I imagine emergency vehicles/police are going to have a nightmare also. Glad I don’t answer the phone at City Hall!

  2. Some people are grateful for the construction and others are upset by it. I am thankful we live in a country where you can either agree with or criticize your local, state, or federal government without fear of reprisal!

    Thank you for the advanced notice though. I start going to UTA January 14th and usually take Green Oaks to Cooper from work, looks like I’ll have to brave 360 South to Abrams until then.

    Thanks again for the notice!

  3. This is going to happen fast. Only the 16th through the 24th!! That is just great. Wish all our highways could go at this pace. thanks for giving all the updates to make our lives easier.

  4. Your map is incorrect and confusing. If you travel North on Fielder and turn right on Division Street you will not come to West St., 360 and 161. In fact, you will come to Forest Edge Dr.,Green Oaks Blvd. and 820. You should switch the streets to reflect the legend of the map or on the legend show that the view of this map is South and not North.

  5. Watched the youtube video – this is quite an extensive and efficient process! How nice our rail system and crossings will be once this is completed. Yes, this may cause an inconvenience for a short period of time given the magnitude of this project. But I appreciate the information that City of Arlington is providing to let me know how to plan ahead. Thank you!

  6. Those railroads essentially built Arlington to the city it is today. I don’t understand how someone can get upset about this whole situation. The workers are pulling 12 hour shifts with laborious work.. I dunno, I think it’s awesome that you guys are updating us with the block offs so we can re-route our morning/night drive. Good luck with the improvements.

  7. How can you close all those crossings at one time??? Traffic will be awful! Did you ask us citizens and taxpayers about this plan????? It will be gridlock!

    1. This is a project managed by the Union Pacific railroad and not the City of Arlington. Unfortunately, due to the type of equipment being used, several miles of rail will be occupied by machinery at the same time, which forces the closure of the grade crossings. The UP crews will be working 12 hours a day in order to move through Arlington as quickly as possible. MyArlingtonTx.com will keep you up to date on any changes. Plan ahead. Routes which you might have never before considered might be your best bet!

      1. still makes no sense to us as taxpayers/residents! Why not do one street at a time???? The website is insulting–something to the effect that a different route might be better–that is simply ridiculous!!

        1. The TRT-909, which is used by the Union Pacific for their project, is close to four miles long and stretches across the length of the track as it actually replaces the rail. Once the TRT-909 is moving through Arlington, grade crossings will be closed for the duration of the project. You can watch a video which explains the process at http://www.myarlingtontx.com/UP

      2. Still don’t understand why it can’t be done one street at a time! I shouldn’t have to “plan ahead” to get where I’m going because multiple streets are closed at one time!!

        1. Deborah Lollar are not the most important person in the great city of Arlington. It could be more like the city of Dallas, not tell you when they start work and take three times a long to fix it. Suck it up princess we are all in this together. Thank you city of Arlington for the heads up.

        2. You are absolutely ridiculous… Deborah, get over it. Better yet, for the rest of us taxpayers/residents, stay at home. Please…

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