Dog of the Week – Meet Grant

Are you ready to meet the best snuggling boy in town? Well here he is! Meet Grant, our current Arlington Animal Services “Dog of the Week!” Grant is a male, Chihuahua Mix, who only weighs 11 pounds, just a little man in a big lonely shelter world. He was found scared and wandering the streets, and an Arlington Police Officer picked him up and brought him to the shelter for his well being. The busy and cold streets are no place for this little man. If you are looking for a snuggle buddy, or a lap dog, then Grant is for you! He loves to be carried like a baby, and would love to be in your lap snuggling with you! He sure would keep you warm on a cold winters night! Grant just wants a home where he will be loved, and feel safe, so how about your home? He promises that he will give you unconditional love! Grant seems to have had some training too! He will sit on command, for a treat, or two!  With proper training, and a little time and attention, just imagine what else Grant can learn! Grant seems to have such a pleasing personality, he just wants to please you, and wants nothing more than your love in return. So come and meet your new snuggling buddy, Grant, today!  Grant’s adoption includes all of his core vaccinations, his micro chip and 30 days worth of pre paid health insurance.  Grant is also Heart Worm negative, just another plus to saving his life and adopting him today.  So come and fall in love with Grant today he is in Dog Adoptions, D.A. 28 and his ID# is 18798456.  He would LOVE to meet you today!

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