UPDATE: Union Pacific Announces Changes to Rail Crossing Closures

Drivers will have an extra day and an additional crossing to plan their alternate routes in Arlington this week.

With the UPRR Track Renewal Project set to begin in a matter of days, the UP has announced changes to the anticipated rail crossing closure list.  The track which runs across Bowen Road, which was scheduled to be replaced as part of the project will instead be replaced at a later date. The delay means Bowen Road will close on Thursday, January 17 for a few hours, rather than a number of days.

The remainder of the at-grade crossings in Arlington are expected to be closed during the track renewal. Depending on the opening of Davis Street, this could force the simultaneous closure of up to six crossings across the city.

As of January 14, here is the latest information released by the UP:

Crossing  Close & Open Dates*
PVT Road (Howell Farm) Scheduled to be closed Jan. 16-20
Bowen Road Scheduled to close January 17 for four hours
Davis Street Scheduled to be closed January 17-21**
Cooper Street Scheduled to be closed January 18-22
N. Center Street Scheduled to be closed January 18-22
Mesquite Street Scheduled to be closed January 18-22
Collins Street Scheduled to be closed January 19-23
Stadium Drive East Scheduled to be closed January 19-23
Great Southwest Parkway Scheduled to be closed January 21-February 3

*Dates are subject to change

**Crews will work to open Davis prior to the closure of Collins and Stadium

The project will force unprecedented traffic challenges. MyArlingtonTX.com will provide the latest information to help you plan your route.

Avoiding gridlock is also easier now with the City of Arlington’s network of traffic cameras online. The UPRR Traffic Cam webpage features strategically selected traffic webcams to help drivers stay on track during the January 16-24 Union Pacific Track Renewal Project. The interactive map links to a still shot from a selected camera which is refreshed every five minutes.  Anyone can view the 27 traffic webcams  available only at MyArlingtonTx.com.

Follow the City of Arlington on Twitter @CityOfArlington  #TrackRenewal or call 877-243-1350 for updates. You can also sign up for email updates at MyArlingtonTx.com or visit www.MyArlingtonTx.com/UP.


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What are the 4 hours of closure for the Bowen Road railroad tracks on January 17, 2013? Can make a difference for commuters.


Thank you for the comment. Now i know not to go through davis.


Even though your website says the crossings will not be closed today, workers are moving equipment and you cannot use the rail crossings at Cooper or Davis. We waited over 15 mins to cross and as soon as the arms would come up they backed the equipment up and blocked the crossing. Please reflect this on your website so people can plan accordingly.


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Bob S,

When will U.P. be ‘updating’ the ‘OTHER’ line…next to the one they are prresently doing ?